Some selected talks


  1. logo-uchicago.png
    IMSI Workshop on Computational Imaging, University of Chicago, USA
    TBD, Aug 2024
  2. IS24_LOGO_RGB_500x105.png
    SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, Atlanta, USA
    Deep Inverse: a PyTorch Library for Solving Inverse Problems with Deep Learning, May 2024
  3. bath_logo.png
    Mathematics for Deep Learning, Bath University, UK
    Equivariant Imaging, Mar 2024
  4. nus_ims_full_logo.png
    IMS Young Mathematical Scientist Forum – Applied Math, National University of Singapore, Singapre
    Equivariant Imaging, Jan 2024


  1. IEEE-ISBI-2023.png
    IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging, Colombia
    Equivariant Imaging, Apr 2023


  1. CVPR22_logo.png
    CVPR’22, oral presentation, virtual
    Equivariant Imaging, Jul 2022


  1. cam_logo.jpg
    DAMTP/CMIH, University of Cambridge
    Equivariant Imaging, Dec 2021
  2. ICCV21-logo.png
    ICCV’21, oral presentation, virtual
    Equivariant Imaging, Oct 2021
  3. uoe-logo-wide.png
    IDCOM, University of Edinburgh
    Equivariant Imaging, Apr 2021