Join us in Edinburgh

We are looking for motivated students/researchers with aligned research interests to join our group in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, UK.

PhD scholarships

We have the prestigious James-Watt Scholarship and CDT programmes (ECR based on HWU and UoE) available for candidates. If you are interested in research topics including but not limited to those listed below, please email me ( with your CV/transcripts and a short research statement.

  • Self-Supervised Learning for Inverse Problems 🔥
  • Foundation Models for Imaging and Vision 🔥
  • Small Data Learning 🔥

The topics usually involve both theory and hands-on work. The candidates are expected to have good knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, optimization and signal processing.

Master/Honours projects

We have below research projects for the HWU Msc and honours students. Please check out here for details.

  • Clustering analysis 🔥
  • Exploring the design of neural networks for imaging and vision 🔥
  • Generative (diffusion) modelling for image processing 🔥
  • Exploring and extending the DeepInverse library for imaging inverse problems 🔥
  • Explore self-supervised learning for inverse problems 🔥

Projects usually require some knowledge of machine learning, deep learning, signal processing and programming (e.g. with Python and PyTorch).

Postdoc Opportunities

  • MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships
  • EPSRC Postdoctoral Fellowships

Visiting Students/Researchers

We welcome visiting students/researchers who would like to work in the Edinburgh group. If you are interested in our research topics, please email me with your thoughts and CV.